Breed Show 2018

Firstly, an apology for everything being a little bit late this year. Moving house has caused chaos in our house but hopefully we are all settled now !!

The entry forms, summary forms, sponsorship and accommodation forms have been published on the Facebook page and also on the website so are now available for people to download.

Entries close on Saturday 26th May. To save my sanity please get the entries in over the next few weeks and don’t leave it all until the last week. No cheques are banked until after the closing date, so no money will be disappearing from folks bank accounts before the end of May.

There are a number of changes this year:

  • The first one is relating to the arenas. The college have closed the outdoor arena for safety reasons. Nothing has happened to it, they just feel that as the surface has been down for 15yrs now that it needs replacing and some maintenance needs to be done to it. Unfortunately, this won’t be happening until the Autumn at the earliest, so it won’t be available to us in July
  • The alternative this year is some grass arenas that the college use for their Dressage area when they are holding Hunter Trials. Several members have competed on them and are very positive about the quality, the new arenas will be clearly signposted. We have revised the timetable due to this and this has also been published.
  • A few of the costs are increasing so you will see small increases to both meals and rooms to reflect this. We are delighted to be able to keep the entry fee and the stabling costs the same as last year though.
  • We are consciously keeping the meal costs on the Friday night as low as we can so are sticking to Jacket potatoes with various fillings to enable that.
  • We have taken on board the feedback around the camping and the move last year to a cost per night. We still have to pay the college a charge per night but to spread the cost across all competitors we are charging a flat fee for the weekend regardless of whether you are sleeping in a tent, caravan, lorry or trailer

Think that’s it. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in July, getting filling in those entries !!



Accomodation booking 2018

Entry Form 2018

Revised timetable 2018

Sponsorship form 2018

Summary form 2018

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