The Haflinger is bred as an all-round pleasure horse, suitable for riding and driving.

The desired appearance is that of an elegant and harmonious horse. It should have a noble, lean and expressive head with large eyes, a well-formed neck, a sufficiently long and supple mid-section, a good croup—not too divided and not too short and a distinct musculature. It should also have correctly defined limbs with good joints providing a straight action with good length of stride.

Stallions and mares selected for breeding should have clearly defined masculine or feminine features. Colours range from dark chestnut to dark liver chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. Dappling is acceptable as are paler legs and underbody. Leg markings, excessive head markings and roaning within the main body colour are not desirable.

The required height is from 140 cm to 150 cm and may be exceeded where the horse is a particularly good example of the breed. The Haflinger’s temperament is friendly, uncomplicated and willing.