How to complain

The Haflinger Society of Great Britain is committed to providing a professional and friendly service to its members and to the general public. However, if you feel we have fallen short of our standards and wish to make a complaint, you can be sure that your complaint will be taken seriously and handled thoroughly.

All complaints are dealt with on an individual basis. We aim to learn from what our members and the general public – feedback on our performance often helps us to make improvements. Making a complaint will not prejudice the support that you receive from us.

• Please see Appendix 1 for complaints specific to the National Breed Show
• The complaints procedure relating to Inspections is currently under review.

To make a complaint:

Where an individual feels that he/she has a legitimate complaint it must be sent, in writing and signed, to the Secretary within 10 days of the incident.. Complaints must be accompanied by a payment of £10. If the complaint is upheld, this payment will be refunded. If, however, the complaint is not upheld, the payment will be forfeited.

A written complaint made which does not follow the Society’s Complaints Procedure, or seeks to circumvent it, will not be accepted.

Anonymous or third party complaints will not be considered.

Individuals are advised to keep the details of their complaint confidential to ensure that the outcome of complaints is not influenced by details being discussed with a third party.

If you have any queries relating to the Complaints Procedure, please contact

Contact Address for the Secretary is:-

Claire Gray, Willetts, Blackham, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN3 9TX

How we will deal with your complaint:

We want you to know that your complaint is being dealt with and to keep you informed of what is going on. This is what we will do when you have a complaint.

1) Acknowledgement: We will send an acknowledgement letter of receipt of your complaint by return.

2) Next steps: We will provide written confirmation within 15 days giving details of how the complaint is to be dealt with.

3) Investigation: The Secretary and Chairman will decide who in the Society is best qualified to deal with your complaint, however if this is not deemed appropriate, we may seek an external mediator. The cost of which shall be covered by the complainant, unless the complaint is upheld. It will be investigated and we will try to resolve it within 28 days of the date that your complaint was received.

Should we not be able to resolve your complaint within the 28 days you will be contacted regarding the reasons for the delay and a new completion date will be advised. We will, however, do our best to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible.

4) Final Decision – At the end of this process The Chairman of the Society will contact you in writing with the Society’s findings and decision (whether the complaint is upheld, not upheld or partially upheld). Procedures to appeal that outcome will be included.

The Chairman’s decision should be regarded as final. However, if you feel that the correct procedure has not been followed you can request a review of the investigation (as below).

Request for a review of the investigation

If you are not satisfied that the correct procedure has been followed you should submit your reasons in writing to the Head of Operations at the following address: – 2 Home Farm Cottages, Enville Estate, Enville, DY7 5HH

A Sub-Committee will be appointed to consider your appeal but will not re-consider or re-investigate matters again.

If the Sub Committee feels that the procedures have not been properly followed, they may ask for a re-investigation.

Sub Committees will be made up of:-

Operation Head
1 x Elected Member
1 x Officer

The appeal will be heard as soon as possible but not normally later than 28 days following its submission. The decision, which will be final, will be communicated no later than 10 days following the appeal hearing.

Appendix 1


Any competitor wishing to make a protest, in relation to any horse exhibited at the show must make the same in writing, to the Show Secretary, within thirty minutes of the class being judged and deposit the sum of £10. If the appeal is successful, this payment will be refunded. If, however, the appeal is unsuccessful, the payment will be forfeited.