As already detailed in Focus on Haflingers there will be 2 main inspection venues next year. Having contacted our Austrian colleagues we are delighted that an Austrian judge will be in attendance at both locations along with members of the UK team. The venues are:

Saturday 15th March at Silvretta Haflingers, Romsley, West Midlands

Sunday 16th March at Oxnead Haflingers, Norwich, Norfolk

The Society determines where the venues will be by taking a look at where all the registered 2 year old horses are in the previous year. For 2014 the majority of horses that we have registered are concentrated around the Midlands and Norfolk. It is a requirement of the stud book rules that all horses are either registered with the Society as foals or when imported. All horses have to be registered ahead of being considered for Inspection. Timescales are detailed below and published in the current stud book rules:

Details of imported animals must be reported to the Registrar and if not so reported within 28 days and registered within 56 days of arrival in Great Britain, a double registration fee will be payable, at the discretion of the Registrar.
The fully completed application forms for registration of all foals must be received by the Registrar before 1 October of the year in which the foal is born, or within one month of that birth whichever is the later, or a double registration fee is payable on subsequent notifications.

To ensure that the Inspection team can compare horses the Society requires any colts up for their stallion grading are at one of the main venues. We are delighted there are 3 candidates this year.

The Society recognises that main venue aren’t always suitable for everyone so there is also the option to have a limited number of fillies inspected at the Breed Show if that suits owners better.

A review of the Society’s Inspection process is underway, especially given the recent changes to the process in Austria. With this in mind we are looking to introduce a panel of Inspectors (as happens in Austria).

Outside of the main inspections, private inspections have been undertaken in the past and the Society recognises the need for these to continue given some people circumstances. It was agreed at the committee meeting in September that a fee for Private Inspections would be introduced to cover the costs. This will be £100 per animal (where there are several animals the committee will look at a reduced fee per animal and will be determined by costs incurred), plus expenses.

We received feedback last year that the notification of the Inspections was a little late so we hope by publishing the dates in October, people will be able to plan appropriately. The registrar has also published a list of the known registered horses and will be in touch again with further details.