Online Dressage Competition

We are excited to announce our new online dressage competition, available to all members from the comfort of your own yard! Entries are open and have been extended until the end of May and we do hope you will all enjoy taking part. Classes include intro A, prelim 7, and Novice 30. You don’t need transport or even a menage to take part, all you need is a marked out 20 x 40 area to ride in (letters can be marked out with paper if required!) Simply film yourself and your Haffy riding your test and upload to youtube. Once your test has been uploaded you need to copy and paste the link onto your entry form and send back to us with payment via PayPal. There are no rules or protocols regarding attire, you can wear what ever you wish and tests can be filmed and uploaded at any time, providing it is before entries close! If you do wish to wear competition attire then please ensure that your horse is wearing boots or bandages – this indicates to us that you are not using a video from a competition.

For those of you unsure as to how to upload videos to YouTube I have created a step by step guide which is attached along with entry form – it really is far easier than you may think!

As with other normal dressage competitions you can enter at the level you normally compete and one level below. If you wish to enter two different classes on the same horse please ensure you include both youtube links on the entry form. If competing multiple horses please complete one entry form per horse. Rosettes will be awarded up to third place and once tests have been marked you will receive your test sheets back in the post.

One really important thing – please ensure you film your test from C and ensure that you can be seen on the video at all times so you can be judged properly.

For those of our members that take part in the points award you will be pleased to know that you can also collect points for participation and placing in this competition.

Entries should be sent to my email address –

We really hope you will enjoy taking part and all get involved!

Click here to download our entry form

Click here to download You Tube tutorial