Any prefix that you wish to use when registering your foals must be registered with the Society. The Central Prefix form must be completed in full and returned to the Stud Book Manager with the appropriate fee, please see the tab for fees

Please do not return to the Central Prefix Register (CPR).It will be the decision of the CPR if the prefix is acceptable or not and not that of the Society. The CPR will inform you if your application has been successful. Prefix Registration forms can be downloaded here:


NED – National Equine Database

As a PIO we are required to record horse and owner details for all passports issued. These details are passed to the National Equine Database who will publish details of your horse on the public NED website. Your personal details will not be displayed on the site but are available to enforcement bodies and may be used in the event of a disease outbreak. That is why it is essential to transfer horses into new owner’s names and also inform the Society of any change of permanent address in case anything should occur in your area.

DNA Testing

In accordance with the Society ruling all breeding mares must be DNA tested before their first foal is born. Fillies attending their three year old inspection will have hair samples taken that can either be kept in their individual file held by the Society or processed immediately. If you are unsure if your mare has been DNA tested then please contact the Stud Book Manager for further details. All breeding stallions must also be DNA tested.