The Passport.

The first page of the passport gives the details of your Haflinger, including its full registered name, sire, dam, date of birth, the breeder and a 15 digit Unique Life Number (ULN).  Your Haflinger’s ‘continuous number’ is the last four digits of the ULN.

Pages 3-5 record any change of owner and once the passport has been updated the new owner must sign in the box that contains their name and address.

All flu shots and any medication your Haflinger receives should be recorded in the passport. Flu shots starting on page 7.

Pages 10 and 11 have a detailed description of your Haflinger for identification purposes and these pages will be updated after inspections to record the height, girth and bone measurements and also any brands that are received.

Pages 12 and 13 give a six generation pedigree. Page 14 has your Haflinger’s permanent registration number and breeding status and should also contain a head shot photograph.  If no permanent number has been recorded please contact the Registrar. Fillies will have their permanent number recorded after inspection at three years of age.

Please think carefully before signing Section A on page 21 – the declaration for human consumption. Once this section has been signed this decision is irreversible.  Leaving the declaration unsigned does not mean that your horse will automatically go down this route but it does mean you will have kept that option open should your circumstance change in the future. Page 24 lists the contents of the passport, however, over the past few years fillies inspection marks have been inserted onto this page.

Horses must be accompanied by their passport at all times.

A horse may not be moved without being accompanied by its passport. Exceptions to this are:

  • If a horse is stabled or at pasture
  • Leaving a competition or event area for training or test purposes
  • Being moved on foot where the passport can be made available within 3 hours.
  • Unweaned foals accompanied by their dam or foster mare
  • Emergency situations

Duplicate Passport