Each year the HSGB points awards is getting more and more popular and more and more closely contended!

Its a great way to keep track of what you and your Haflinger have been up to over the past year whilst raising the profile of our wonderful breed.

I’ve been to many shows and the organisers have often enjoyed looking at my points book and what my Haflinger had been up to over the points book season and many have commented on what a versatile breed they are

You can earn points for practically all activities you and your Haflinger do .

From dressage to magazine articles, show jumping to fun rides, hunting to clinics

The only thing you don’t earn points for is weekly lessons or someone professionally schooling or riding your Haflinger and everyday riding/schooling

There are 5 sections and the winner of each section will be awarded with a trophy and placings to 8th place and personalized certificates to all  Placings and prizes are awarded on Friday night of the Breed Show

Sections are as follows 

Youngstock….. 3 and under ( no ridden work allowed UNLESS FIRST TIMES – i.e first time leant on, first time sat on etc.)

Newcomers…… open to Haflingers never entered the points competition before and youngstock coming out of youngstock catagory

Mares and geldings ….. open to mares and geldings 4 to 14 years old and those Haflingers coming out of newcomers

Stallions ………open to stallions

Veterans ….. open to Haflingers 15 and over

There will also be a champion and reserve champion Haflinger

Champion and reserve will receive a sash and corresponding rosette.  This will be awarded to the 2 Haflingers with the highest overall points from all 5 sectionsIt costs £10 to enter and once payment via friends and family Paypal or payment direct to the Society’s bank has been received I will send you all you need via email for you to print off.

Joy Irvine

Points Awards Co-ordinator