1st     Heather Barker’s Britana 670/GB – 4915 points

  2004 mare by liz. Amadeus 101/T ex Birgit E15512/T


          Heather, Izzy and Katie competed with Britana in SJ, Showing, Dressage,    Utility, Hunter Trials, Public Event, Clinics).  In a whole 12 months there          was only one mid-winter month when they had time out from competing.

          A busy household!  Britana was Overall Best Mare and Best Austrian bred.

 2nd    Imogen Anthony with Senta 819/GB – 4366 points

          2011 mare by Nouvelle ex Sindie  

          Imogen and Senta competed in Obedience, Showing, Dressage, Utility, SJ,   Clinics and went           Away on Holiday. Best Youngster.  Reserve Austrian Bred.

3rd     Bobbie Houghton with Earendil Phoenix 555/GB – 2923 points

          1999 mare by Alpine GB29 ex Stagsden Phantasie 409/GB


          This team competed in 8 categories (Clinics, Utility, Pleasure Rides, and      Show jumping, Cross Country, Obedience, Showing and Dressage).  Best         British bred Mare.  Best Veteran.  Most Versatile.

4th     Amanda Nelson with Oxnead Haven 823/GB – 2640 points

          2011 mare by Almnebel GB53 ex Oxnead Halo 692/GB

          This Pair successfully took part in Clinics, Showing, Dressage, Utility, Show Jumping and Public Events. Reserve Youngster.

5th     Claire Gray with Majorie 704/GB – 2273 points

          2001 mare by Nimmerdor Hfk 192 ex Manille Hfk 5709

          Majorie was Best Obedience and Reserve Veteran.  She took part        in Dressage, Clinics, Showing, Public Events, Show Jumping,   Utility and Obedience.

6th     Joanne Watson with Jana-Jarisa 596/GB – 2220 points

  2001 mare by liz.201/T Standschutz ex 153833T Jarisa

          Jo and Jana competed in 7 categories (Utility, Dressage, Show   Jumping, LDR (2 in one weekend), Public Events, Clinics and Showing).  This established partnership receives Best Education    certificate.


 7th     Bobbie Houghton with Woodbrown Phoebe 762/GB – 1902 points

          2008 mare by Almnebel GB53 ex Stagsden Phantasie 409/GB

          Phoebe competed successfully in 5 categories (Show       Jumping, Dressage, Showing, Obedience and Utility).  Always                   placed in her classes.

 8th     Pauline Dixon with Otztaler Sakira 632/GB – 1227 points

2003 mare by Bernhard GB24 ex Oxnead Saffron 559/GB

          This dedicated partnership competed almost exclusively in BD affiliated       Prelim. dressage and won all their classes, a very considerable achievement.    Her sire Bernhard was renowned for his dressage prowess. They also took part     in Showing and Utility events. Best Dressage.

9th      Catherine Hood with Silvretta Athlete 596G – 524 points

  2004 gelding by Alpine GB29 ex Silvretta Glayva 573/GB

                                                   Atty and Catherine amassed all these points at just 2 outings.

Amazing!  They took part in Showing, Utility, Dressage and Obedience.




1st     Emily Bambridge with Sultan GB61

  3650 points

                   2011 stallion by Serruga out of Sulaika

The first stallion to join the Award in a very long time indeed!  What a wonderful ambassador he is for the Breed.  Best Stallion.  Best Newcomer. Sultan took part in Showing, Show Jumping, Dressage, Public Events (including many days hunting) and Clinics.

2nd Donna Sutton with Limerick Shanballymore -Tobias 829/GB

 2506 points

2010 mare by Allahies GB36 out of Sara 543/GB

          This pair competed in Dressage, Utility, Showing & went Away from Home.  Best Newcomer Mare.


3rd Linda Milroy with Nikos de Geramont 634G  

2196 points

2005 gelding by Nowdo v.d. Dauwhoeve out of Liscia


          This partnership competed in Showing, Clinics, Show Jumping, Dressage, Utility,

          & Cross Country/ODE.  Best Newcomer Gelding.

4th Catherine Hood with Silvretta Aragorn  

2062 points

2011 gelding by Almnebel GB53 out of Silvretta Galiano


          This partnership competed in Obedience, Showing, Dressage, Utility,

          & LDR.  Best Endurance.

5th Lin Bolton with Schieferstein Amberleon   

1100 points

2009 gelding by Almnebel GB53 out of Oxnead Marisa 610/GB


This partnership competed exclusively within UK Western scene under W.E.S.

and W.H.A. rules, against many American breeds.

He is a great ambassador of the Haflinger as a Western trained horse.

Best Western Haflinger.



 1st        Joy Irvine with Spring Mead Monet 639G – 5038 points

2013 Gelding by liz. Monsoon Spring Mead 423/GB ex Lilona 736/GB

The previous Points Co-ordinator advises this is likely the first time a  Youngster has won in consecutive years.  Best Gelding, Best Three Year Old. Monet took part in Showing, Public Events, Obedience, Utility, Home Education  and Clinics.

2nd       Sarah Dicken with Dani Kathryn 846/GB – 2727 points

  2013 Filly by Amos GB51 ex Glyn Eryr Kadenza 590/GB


  Best Three Year Old Filly, Kathryn took part in Showing, Utility, Obedience,Home Education and Agility.

3rd       Rachel Duke with Oxnead Schaun /GB – 830 points

  2013 Filly by Almnebel GB53 ex O. Schampagne 666/GB


  Schaun receives the Best Education certificate, and took part in Home Education, Showing, and Public Events.