Registration – horses born in Great Britain

Owners of foals need to obtain a passport for them by 31st December in the year of their birth, or by six months after their birth, whichever is later.

A passport is issued on application to register the foal with the Society. It is now mandatory to have all foals micro chipped before a passport can be issued and you should already have your registration form for when a veterinary attends to carry out this procedure.

There is space provided on the registration forms for the microchip number to be recorded and the veterinary surgeon will also be able to complete the necessary confirmation and markings section at the same time.

The completed registration form should be returned to the stud book manager along with the stallion covering certificate that will have been given to you by the stallion owner or the AI Certificate if your mare has been covered artificially.

All required information is listed on the registration form. It is the responsibility of the owner that all information provided on the registration application form is clear and correct and all photographs have been identified with the horses name written on the back. The passport can only be as accurate as the information provided.

Owners of horses that have not applied for a passport within the timescale outlined above are committing an offence under the Horse Passports Regulations 2009. Please apply for your passport(s) as soon as possible. It is an offence to keep or sell a horse without a passport.

The form required to register a horse born in Great Britain (including the issuance of a passport) can be downloaded here. Please ensure the form is printed on white paper as we need to transfer details in to the passport.

Registration of a GB Haflinger