Tracing an imported Haflinger.

The Society can only register pure bred Haflingers in the breeding section of the stud book. To help you establish whether a horse is purebred or not, we need the following questions answered by the Haflinger Society that the horse was imported from.

1)      is the horse registered in your pure bred stud book?

2)      does the horse have any foreign blood within his/her pedigree? If yes what is the %

3)      does its pedigree originate in all ancestral lines within Austrian stock?

4)      have both parents passed inspection in their own country?

5)      please provide us with a 6 generation pedigree.

If the horse is found to have foreign blood in its pedigree then we can register the horse in the non breeding section of the stud book but unfortunately we cannot register the horse, or any of its offspring, as eligible for breeding in the UK. We also only allow 100% purebred horses to enter the Haflinger Breed Show and a number of the county show classes.

If you are not sure where the horse has come from then the only way to assist with tracing the horse is finding its microchip which may help by telling you which country the horse was chipped in. Some countries use the microchip country numbers, the first 3 numbers of the chip given this detail.

Life numbers on the horses passports also help determine in which countries the horses are registered, like with microchips the first 3 numbers of the UELN indicate the country that has issued it.

If that turns out to be the UK then there is little else you can do unless you can trace the import journey through previous owners or dealers. The first 3 numbers of the microchip help with tracing the country. The members of the World Haflinger Society are:


   Country Haflinger Society contact
036 Australia
040 Austria (non Tirol)Austria (Tirol)
056 Belgium
203 Czech Republic
208 Denmark
250 France
276 Germany
380 Italy
442 Luxembourg
528 Netherlands
752 Sweden
756 Switzerland
826 United Kingdom
840 United States


There are a number of microchips that start with 900-984. These numbers indicate who the manufacturer of the chip is. You will find a number of the big tracing companies eg PetID/PetLog using these chips for animals registered with them


If you want to check if your Haflinger is already registered with the GB Society then you can check using the link below. This is to Grassroots who now offer a checking service for all the stud books that utilise their software. The Haflinger Society of Great Britain is one of these


Once you have all the information please e-mail the Breeding and Stud Book team and we will assess the information and send out registration forms as required.