If your Haflinger has been imported into Great Britain from Europe, and has a passport albeit in Dutch, Belgian, German you will need to contact that Passport Issuing Authority (PIO) if your passport needs updating. For changes of owner or if your details change (for example if you move home), you need to inform the PIO that issued your Haflinger’s passport. If your passport was issued by a recognised PIO in another European Union country (including Ireland), contact them using the details in the passport. Details of passport issuing authorities can also be found on www.direct.gov.uk/en/HomeAndCommunity/InYourHome/AnimalAndPets/DG_178412

You must not sell a horse without a horse passport and you must hand over the passport to the new owner. They should let the PIO know that they have taken ownership of the horse within 30 days.

We would recommend that if there is a microchip number recorded in your horse’s passport, that your vet attempts to locate the chip in the horse to confirm horse and passport belong together. Whilst identification can be confirmed from the markings and drawings that should be recorded in the passport, it is unfortunate, but not unusual that these have not been completed.

If you have a passport that was issued before 28 February 2005, it won’t include a Section IX. In this case, you will need to contact the PIO that issued the passport to have it updated.