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The Haflinger Society of Great Britain holds the Registry of the only Purebred Haflinger Studbook in Great Britain. Approved by Defra to issue all Haflinger Passports.


The Haflinger Society of Great Britain is a Registered Charity that devotes itself to the promoting, breeding & importing of purebred Haflingers in the UK.

We foster an interactive community of Haflinger-lovers who come together both in-person and online.

Our members enjoy benefits such as: attending the yearly National Haflinger Breed Show, our quarterly newsletter, Online Dressage, and access to the vast knowledge base held within our membership. Most importantly being a member includes you in a shared passion for supporting the success of the breed in the UK.



Being a Breed Society we care passionately about the standards and longevity of the breed in the UK. 

Our breeding program recognises the versatility of the Haflinger and our breeders strive to ensure the correct temperament, conformation and athleticism. We also support our members with knowledge and information so that they can build a rewarding partnership with their Haflinger. When you buy a Haflinger and become a member of the Society you join a community dedicated to the breed.

Photography by Jane Eardley

In the photos below you can see Haflingers in action across almost every discipline: from Driving to Dressage, showcasing their versatility and ability to apply themselves to a wide range of uses.


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