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The Haflinger Society of Great Britain is a Registered Charity that devotes itself to the promoting, breeding & importing of purebred Haflingers in the UK.

We foster an interactive community of Haflinger-lovers who come together both in-person and online. Our members Facebook page is a good example of an online forum in which HSGB members can interact and share their adventures.

As a Society we host events such as a National Haflinger Breed Show, training camps as well as our Annual General Meeting which takes place in January.

We also have a quaterly newsletter which comes as part of the membership package containing haflinger news, professional training/educational articles as well as personal stories.

We'd love for you to come join our community!



The Haflinger Society is run by a team of volunteers who devote their time to the management of the charity: the committee works together along with the members to promote, as well as to educate about the breed.

The charities objects are:

  • To preserve and improve the standard of horses and ponies in general and in particular the breed of horse known as the Haflinger in Great Britain by promoting and encouraging the breeding and importing of purebred Haflinger horses.

  • To advance public education in all districts and counties in the various arts and sciences connected with the use and management of horses and ponies in general and of the Haflinger in particular.

  • To improve general standards in the management use and treatment of horses and ponies with particular reference to the special features of the Haflinger horses by the education of breeders, importers, exporters, owners, judges, veterinarians, trainers, and members of the public.

  • To provide or assist in the provision for the public benefit, of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation, through the use of horses and ponies.

  • To prevent cruelty to horses and ponies


Articles of Association

Customer Charter

Complaints Procedure

GDPR Privacy Policy

Social Media Policy

Governance Documents
Committee List


Patron:                                             Mrs Petra Ingram

President:                                        Mrs Emily Bambridge

Vice Presidents:                              Miss J Evers-Swindell

                                   Mr Doug Seel

                                   Mrs Margaret Davenport




Chairperson:                             Doug Seel 

Honorary Registrar:                  Donna Sutton

Honorary Treasurer:                  Becky Gordon 

Honorary Secretary:                  Heather Barker 


Elected committee members

Joanne Critchlow                  (Juniors/Young Riders Representation & Activities)   

Claire Grey                             (Activities)

Lindsey Walton                     (Membership Secretary)   

Kirsty Anthony                       (Communications, Marketing & Safeguarding)   

Dani Cox                                (Social Media)  

Leah Tolley                             (Stud Book Assistant)


Gemma Collins                      (Website)  

Izzy Barker                              (Points Award)


Our Haflingers, athletic horses from the Tirolean Alps, have from the late fifties found a new market in Europe and the wider world.  These talented horses, have with careful breeding developed from working horses to performance animals.  They have shown ability in most disciplines the modern horse world now requires.  The breed has elegant forward movement, and good confirmation.  They are a robust breed having outstanding stamina, this coupled with their good temperament enables the Haflinger to do many jobs.  


During the sixties many people unknown to each other started to import Haflingers to Britain.   A small group of these people were concerned that random importation and breeding would eventually lead to the loss of many quality animals. It was important to start a Register and Stud Book where the imported animals and any subsequent young stock could be recorded.  By December 1970 these early pioneers came together and a Society was formed.  The backing of Tirolean Breeders Association helped us learn about the horses their registration and inspection methods.  We decided to take on all the tasks, the Stud Book, the inspection of three-year-old colts and fillies. As well we introduced Haflingers into our British equine scene. Ridden, Driven, Jumping, RDA, Pony Club and the myriad of show classed that our British horses are used for became the norm for our Haflingers.


By the end of 1971 our Stud Book contained over 73 horses and a further 72 were registered in 1972.  In the first five years over 227 foals were bred in Britain.  We had an enthusiastic group who were interested in breeding from the mares that they had imported.  Over this period of our history we were picking up horses from members who had brought their horses in from Holland and other parts.   The main importations continued to come from the Tirol, in foal mares and foals from early foal sales of the Haflinger Pferdezuchtverband. 1970 was their only their fifth ever Foal Sale.


Our new Society enthusiastically held a Rally at Chatsworth in 1971, which was a precursor to our first Breed show in 1972.  Thereafter with Television and Radio programmes, stands at the Royal of England and round the country, the Society grew quickly.  


It is now over fifty years since our inception and we have continued to grow, our early years were numerically fantastic breeding years.  Now due to the downturn in breeding over all horse breeds, we are breeding less. It is hope that this will soon change.  The interest in our Society is still growing as we introduce new competitions and encourage our owners to show their horses all over Great Britain.  New importations of Mares, Foals and Stallions are still being brought in to enhance our Stud Book.  Our golden Haflingers are being used in various disciplines, in these they are showing the excellence of ability and temperament.  They are talented horses and  due to their excellent temperament also make good friends.

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